“your babies would be gorgeous”

ohthanks.. we arent even dating..

and in like ninth grade..



Slate Blank

Felicity and Florets

There is nothing but blank right now.
Yes, it is apparent I can’t think straight.
Who knows?
Maybe I am malfunctioning.
Is there maintenance service anywhere?
Nope guess not.
I see white.
I think my brain is wrapped with paper.
That sounds… dry.
But that’s all I understand.
And I am saddened for some inexplicable reason.

~ Faith C.R.F.

Copyright Faith C.R.F. © 2014

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In Memory Of.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

-Maya Angelou



In memory of my anxiety, for I have learned not to worry.

In memory of my fatigue, for I have learned a break is needed.

In memory of my doubt, for I have learned to be hopeful.

In memory of my guilt, for I have learned I am not in the wrong.

In memory of my fear, for I have learned to be audacious.

In memory of my impatience, for I have learned I need to wait.

In memory of my suspicion, for I have learned of trusting.

In memory of my past self, for I have learned of new changes.

In memory of Maya Angelou, for I have learned all from her.

-Celeste Lauryn

Okay. Okay. I’ll Come.

Steph's Scribe

Maya Angelou. 4/4/28 - 5/28/14. Maya Angelou. 4/4/28 – 5/28/14.

* * *

I know what Maya Angelou meant here. There are times when you sit down to write and nothing comes. Then, there are times when your fingers can’t type as quickly as your brain is working, and the fingers have trouble keeping up with the thoughts that barrel through you.

We lost a great sage, writing influence, and someone with limitless amounts of creativity. Her influence will be missed.

* * * * * *

In Memory of Maya Angelou, A Poem

The ideas don’t flow the way they should;

Noise litters your head—

An angry word, a moment of doubt—

Insecurities pounding, wanting to come in.

Yet pushing forward is what you know.

Climbing, reaching, leaving it behind.

In times of trouble, in times of pain, marching on—

Your feet move faster than your brain.

To greener pastures, liberation unfolds,

Welcoming you…

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Please STFU about Kimye. Im over it.


I am so sick and tired of hearing about the ‘Kimye’ wedding. There is a serious issue with society if this wedding is as big a deal as they want it to be. Every single news feed and Facebook page and television show is still talking about this ‘huge affair’.

Maya Angelou, famous poet/activist/beautiful person passes away and Kimye is still talked about first. The government shoots down a bill that would make companies tell us if they use GMO in the foods we feed our children, there are mass shootings, government conspiracies, WARS… and yet what’s on the cover of people magazine? Kimye.

Disgusting America.


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We Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Dr. Maya Angelou, You Now Have Your Wings!

Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it possibly without claiming it she stands up for all women


“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” -Dr. Maya Angelou

I am saddened yet I rejoice today. Heaven gained a beautiful angel today. Renowned author, poet, and civil rights activist Dr. Maya Angelou took her rightful place in heaven today.

Dr. Angelou was not only a great voice to contemporary literature, but she was a voice of distinction to many. She touched the lives of many.

Her speech was with grace and eloquence. Her words were like a breath of fresh air to a troubled ear that would hear and listen. She spoke of struggles we could all identify with and knew in some way we too, could overcome them.

She was trailblazer; a survivor. She set the path to know how we could live life with meaning. She taught us through her writings, in…

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The Art Of Letting Go

Diwata in Lalaland

It was so good,

I swallowed you whole in a different form.

What are you made of?

Oh  I feel chills down my spine,

Goosebumps all over,

Stomach’s crumbling.

I want to run then jump.

Heart is pounding out of my chest.

I’m sweating,

I love and hate this feeling.

The longer I’m holding on,

It becomes exasperating.

I want to let you go,

I want you out of my system.

Time seems travelling faster than light.

Everything is in order except this disorder.

This is exhausting.

Inside small gray tiled kingdom of my own,

Sitting like a mad queen on a frigid throne.

Yes I am here,

I am here.

Cold and quiet,

Just what I wanted.

Mind is flying at a minimum destination,

While waiting for this moment of expulsion.

A little squeeze.

A little rage without calling names.

Disgusting scent lingers in the air.




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